Nip + Fab: Chemical peel results without the chemical peel? Let’s see…

Nip + Fab is a a brand you may have heard of via being endorsed by Kylie Jenner. Disclaimer this is not why I decided to give it a try. The glycolic element caught my interest as I have been trying to fade some mild acne scars and I know acids such this are great for this purpose.

I’ve had chemical peels in the past, and I had great results, but I also found them to be very intense when you consider all of the upkeep afterwards with creams, sunscreen, and staying out of any direct sunlight for 4+ days. Needless to say I was looking for similar results with out such extreme measure, or a steep price, which lead me to Nip + Fab’s entire Glycolic Fix range.

It’s at a drugstore price but with top shelf results. I am on my second tube of the exfoliator which is very gritty and perfect for gently removing dead dry skin and leaving my face looking baby soft. The cleanser is also a must have, I have a few cleansers that I use for different reasons, some to remove makeup, some for a mild refresher, and others to leave my skin feeling squeaky clean and this product does that. I love the ahhh fresh clean feeling, and most importantly it comes without that tight harsh feeling that some effective cleansers have

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