I’m all about the all natural life and LUSH’s fresh handmade cosmetics are somewhat of a weak point for me. Unfortunately since I have sensitive skin I can’t take part in their super popular bath bombs and scented soaps, BUT I do take full advantage of their masks, moisturizers, scrubs, and toners. Here is what I got the last time around!


This is a scrub made with you guessed it, coffee grounds. Mixed in there is also roasted cocoa extract and glycerin. Β It’s an amazing mild but gritty exfoliator that can be used on the face and body. This is my second tub and I use it as a face scrub, and also as a lip scrub. The scent is invigorating and sure to wake you up!


This primer/moisturizer is prime time!

It’s made with moringa from Ghana, rose hip oil, argan oil, and shea butter.

It creates an ultra-matte and smooth finish. It leaves my skin velvety soft (you won’t be able to stop touching your face), and it gives my foundation an even canvas to work on. I still wear a moisturizer under this even though its considered a moisturizer, but thats just me. I like to use this primer when my makeup needs to last a really loooong time, especially if it has to go from day to night. It helps keep everything in place, also its great for warmer temperatures to help control oil and shine.


Nothing says relaxation likeΒ spritzing this on my face post cleanser. I let the soothingΒ elements of the aloe vera, seaweed extract, and rose water rest on my face for a second before gently removing the toner with a cotton pad. This is my method of toning. You can also spray the product directly onto the cotton pad than wipe it across your face, but it’s just not the same. I love the refreshing feeling of the toners astringent and calming elements working before I wipe.

side note: how satisfying is it to get that last bit of makeup or residue off of your skin? That has somehow managed to stay on, despite my exfoliating face wipes, micellar make up remover, and Β a round of cleanser!

Until next time LUSH,

xo ivy


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