There is something so satisfying about exfoliating and the instant pay-off and gratification of smooth, soft skin. I’m always trying and collecting new exfoliators, while still in love with my all natural Lush scrub for chapped lips and my go-to Nip+Fab  face exfoliator that I use 2, max 3 times a week.

So naturally a few years ago I bought the Mia 2 from Sephora, as a tool I planned to use once a week on Sundays as part of my ‘me time’, self care routine that involves steaming and weekly at home facials.

Sometimes I’m lazy and just throw on a dead sea face mask or if its been a problematic skin week a detoxing charcoal mask, BUT on the Sundays when I’m feeling like treating myself I will gently Clarisonic cleanse my face, steam, and smother my skin in some luxe face masks, followed my a toner, serum, moisturizer combo. High maintenance much? Yeah thats why this is more of a weekly weekend treat.

My simple daily skin care routine is here.

Having used this product for some time now I thought I’d share my thoughts for anyone looking to purchase the Clarisonic.


  1. Be gentle, the bristles come in different textures from sensitive, regular, and deep clean. The product came with the regular brush which I used, but always on the lowest setting. Eventually I switched to the sensitive bristle brush because I experienced the same cleansing results with less irritation.
  2. Change the brush head often and keep them stored in a dry, clean place to keep bacteria at bay. Clarisonic recommends changing the brush head every 3 months, kind of like a toothbrush.
  3. Remove your make up, prior to using the brush, this will help keep your brush cleaner, longer.
  4. Don’t OVER do it! In my option this is not an everyday product. Over exfoliating, either too frequently, or too harshly can seriously damage the skin.


  1. When my Clarisonic dies one day, I’m not obsessed enough that I would buy a new one. I’ll probably try out the Foreo Luna. It’s still pricey BUT it doesn’t require brush refills and is made of silicone so its easy to clean and I hear mild enough to be an everyday tool- we’ll see!
  2.  There are so many similar and cheaper products out there now. So if you’re on a budget try a less expensive knock-off option first and see how it goes.
  3. There are three settings for speed, but the lowest one is the only usable ones on the face, sometimes I use the middle speed for my neck and decolletage, but the third speed is WAY too harsh.
  4. This product is pretty overrated, especially for the price. Theres been a lot of hype surrounding this product for awhile and I don’t think its necessarily warranted, I would give it a – 5.

xo ivy


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