Over the last year and a half I’ve taken the time to read my labels and avoid harmful ingredients specifically in my skincare routine. I read that our skin is our largest organ, and that really got me thinking, and asking questions. I’ve found a few all-natural brands and products that I love along the way and I thought I’d share my current favourites.

By Nature - Latest Obsessions

Day Crème – This is a nourishing and balancing daytime moisturizer; I put this on in the morning just after my keihl’s daily oil. Between these two products I feel like my skin is getting all the moisture and nutrients it needs to glow and also a nice barrier between my pores and my daily makeup routine and other toxins

Moisturizing Serum – lightweight and super hydrating, this is my night-time moisturizer that I layer over whatever evening serum I’m using typically its my keihl’s micro-peel serum or my Sunday Riley serum. I wake up with soft dewy skin; you can’t lose with this.

By Nature - Latest Obsessions

Hydrating Eye Cream – I may be a little late to the eye cream game, but better late then never. I’m sure I’ll be trying lots of different eye creams in the years to come, but for right now in my early 20s I’m not looking for too much other than a hydrating, mild cream to repair the sensitive skin around my eyes and keep any incoming fine lines at bay. I sometimes forget this step just because it’s a new one to my nighttime routine, but I definitely notice a difference when I use it!

By Nature - Latest Obsessions

Cucumber Sheet Mask – Sheet masks are amazing. Koreans know what’s up when it comes to skincare. Hydration is the name of the game when it comes to great skin and I like to treat myself to one of these once a week if I can get my life together like that. This cucumber mask is super refreshing and makes my skin plump and smooth and it get me stopping to catch my reflection. No shame

By Nature - Latest Obsessions

Tom’s Aluminum Free Deodorant – P.s. Aluminum also a big no-no. I switched to men’s deodorant a few years back because men’s deodorant is typically not anti-perspirant, where as most women’s deodorant is, and I mean you need to sweat duhh. Also men’s deodorant is more effective and I just like the smell of old spice sport.

But when I’m not trying to smell like a man, I use Tom’s all natural deodorant; I have the fragrance free kind (no perfume clashing) as well as tea tree. They do the job and they’re not slowly killing me, YAY!

xo, ivy


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